Currently beside our own projects, we accept cooperation with other studios and individuals from all over the world to do their great arts as outsource services! It’s not important how big or small is your projects, we love to do any help we can!

3D Animation Services :

  • Short animation production;
  • Industrial animation ;
  • Architectural;
  • Medical and Chemistry;
  • Advertising animation and teaser production;

Game Services:

  • Character and creature modeling and texturing;
  • Character and creature rigging;
  • Mannequin rigging for UE4;
  • Animating;
  • Asset modeling and texturing;
  • Environment modeling, texturing and baking,
  • Car and any other hard surface creation for game.


  • Advanced CG and real composition;
  • Explosion, flow, liquid and … simulation for animation and films;
  • Green screen services;


Creating tools by scripts in maxscript for 3Ds Max.